Saturday, January 14, 2006

A moment

You know those lovely little buttons at the top of blogger pages? The ones with Blogger and search, previous and random blog? I often just take the random(next) button for a little ride . It's the only way to come across stuff you'd never find on you own. So while floating around and reading, I actually became uncomfortable. I felt like I was spying on people. I suppose people are putting this stuff out thier intentionally but putting yourself out there like that is frightning. I think that's part of the appeal too. All the benefits of releasing some thoughts, venting and so forth, and none of the judgement. No odd looks or twisted faces. While I just wanted to share pics and such with my friends, some people use it as therepy. There's nothing wrong with that, I just learned something new.


G1toons said...

whats upper did not know you were a blogger, nice sketches

cat said...

a long time ago you posted a comment on my site. i don't know why i'm replying haha i guess it's just appreciating your comment! thanks for a tiny story