Friday, March 17, 2006

Illustration Friday - Feet

So illustration Friday is upon us, and I happen to find a related sketch. To be honest though I did this last week while I was sick and in a Nyquil daze. No my had isn't that ugly, but my feet are that odd.


The Unknown said...

I think the hands and feet look great. The pants I find a little disturbing.

jen said...

this is a really cool piece - love ya stuff! i own a pair of pants like that! yay :)

Marie-Dom said...

Neat linework. Makes for a very effective piece.

the heartful blogger said...

I love odd hands and feet, the perspective in your drawing is great. I agree that the pants are a little disturbing.

danG said...

Thanks all-
I'm pleased that my pants caught such attention, but alas, I'm a fraud, those are only PJ's and not cool golf type pants, However I'm suddenly inspired to run down to jst rag and pick up a pair!

Shaun McMillan said...

This drawing looks pretty good, as for all those others . . . keep up the good . . . keeep drawing, yeah keep on drawing buddy!
Post-its rock