Sunday, April 23, 2006

People I see pt.1

update: for anyone who has already seen this work, I know, it's from a older post, but it fit the topic so well and who knows when I'll have time to scan more stuff. So please enjoy and comment!

One of my instructors use to encourage us to go out and experience as much life as possible. This was based on the opinion( which I agree with) that all of our art is based on the people and places we see. There is nothing new under the sun, only different ways of compiling it. So while doodling around sometimes I notice that my drawings tend to resemble people I know or have seen. At this point I either stop or try to avoid it. Sometimes (actually most of the time) I'm completely unaware that it looks like someone until I'm a good halfway through it. I really enjoy embracing the way the mind works, you have to let your mind wander around and stumble upon things that you knew, but really weren't aware of.
I'd also like you to think of this as sort of a meditation. I don't think letting a little thing like not being able to draw well stand in your way(because clearly I don't hehe). I think just next time you get a little restless make some little free scribble, and look very closely at it, and think about what lies within.
Just to make this thing a little more interesting I'll try and explain where these drawings started (first stroke, scribble sort of thing).
So above I just started with the spiral for the eye, that's when I noticed that the way the ink was blotting up, it sort of looked like an eye. Then I chased that idea trying to keep a theme of lines flowing from single points of origin.
Above, I started with the line that now makes up the bridge of the nose. I had no particular ideas when I started thus why there are little gnarly guys on top and the indication of some Ziggy looking guy by the left eye. Anyhow, after the nose I just started making spiral, maybe thinking of design more than actually making it look like something. While making the spiral again, I noticed it was looking like an eye so I just kept that idea of a spiral and on continuous line for each feature.Above, This one is less of an accident as I was looking at this guy who sat right across from me. Again, it started as a scribble that ended up looking vaguely like his posture. Then I built on that, but actually trying to make it look like him.
Above, If you've seen my marker mind blurb post you sort of know how this one works. I think I started just scribbling one line that now makes up the profile. Then I just started adding random features and more marker stuff. I think the key motivation was just working on a way of texturing the hair with the marker values supporting it, now I'm not taking credit for texture pattern, like I said this is all stuff I've seen before, I'm just trying to see how I can use it.

Above, while scribbling to see if my pen still had ink in it I accidentally started the hair. Then I just built off of that.

Above, now I pulled these images from all sorts of books and pads that I've worked in over the last 3 months or so, so this one is another drawing done in a lined notebook, and is buried in the middle of 20 or 30 some odd Maya xyz translation values. I think I was just limited by drawing the profile so heavily and straight, totally forgetting that I had to get a hand in there, so I just tried to make it look like I did it on purpose.

This is how most of my work goes, it's sort of the mind equivalent to "the right place, at the right time". Does it make me a fraud and/or a hack? Yeah, but I"m pretty comfortable with that.


Meg said...

Wow Dan, I love this post. This idea of taking the everyday and making it your art, that product is never really original just skewed by our own perception of things. I write in a similar way: taking things of familiarity and displaying them as only I can see them. It is not the product that determines an artist but their perception of the world and they ability to see things uniquely. Oui? Non?

suze said...

I love your descriptions. As someone who can't or doesn't really draw, I found the processes fascinating. Thanks.

DeMauriea! said...

yo Dan the Man, neat stuff, wanna meet me n4ext week at the Malt Shoppe? ;)