Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Henry Rollins doing a kids Album???

Ok this is not photoshoped!!! One of the fellas at work was listening to some of Henry Rollins spoken word on napster, as one does. When he had the thought, hmmmmm what other fine spoken word is out there? Perhaps, this man thought, I'll find something in the same catagory as Mr. Rollins and I will enjoy that as well. Wait a second... Childrens?!?! You got it. Apparently napster thinks that Henry Rollins is just what your kids needed. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy, have a couple of his books, love rollins band, I just think it might be a bit much for kids. On top of all that, in the top twenty five childrens albums at the gloriuos number 23(at the time) is.... you gussed it, the mekanik himself. Just as a nice touch I also love that it even has a little EXPLICIT tag on the album, you think they would have a filter or something. oh well.
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