Thursday, April 12, 2007

Send in the clowns

So I've missed a week of posting and I'm sorry about that. I was a little lame, a little lazy, and mostly busy animating little cookies running around for Fig Newton. More of that to come.

Anyway this little guy is an idea I've had bouncing around for some time yet only now do I actually have the time to do anything about it. You see with the big glut of CG penguin movies such as Happy Feet, Surfs Up, and those penguins from Madagascar, I figured that this fad will end soon and hard. What will become of all those CG actors? Will they be left in a void? Perhaps a second wave of movies will hit and we will see their popularity return. Ecstatic Feet? Surfs STILL up? Those Penguins from Madagascar 2: Electric Boogaloo? I think not.
More than likely they will end up like every other actor in Hollywood, working as a waiter, in a coffee shop or staring in some sort of "Alternative" entertainment.
So I present to you all the first of The out of work cartoon actors. This first series will mostly be about penguins as I love drawing the little guys and there are so many great situations to place them in. So here he is, crying on the inside.
My final question is, if these guys were little vinyl toys would anyone be interested? I see a lot of what I consider junk toys out there but they get snatched up like crazy. I figured if I put a little more personality into them then well...
Would you buy one?

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chris chua said...

Hey Dan! Thanks for commenting on my blog...Cool penguin:) Keep the artwork coming!