Tuesday, August 07, 2007

People I See Pt. II

Goodness, It's been quite awhile hasn't it? And I had been doing so well with the updates too. ah well, such is life. I have a lot of scans and pics that I have been meaning to share but have been too busy/lazy to share. In between moving homes and moving offices it's been all kinds of craziness.
So enough with the excuses, lets get to some content. If you haven't seen my previous post about this then know that the premise for this whole affair is this. Work is boring. I don't care what you do, at some point it becomes old hat and boring. So to fill the time I draw, sketch, doodle, and otherwise occupy my wasted life with things that entertain me in the short run. I realize that sounds kind of negative but it really isn't. These time when my brain shuts down are some of my most thoughtful times. So here in no specific fashion is things I see.

1 comment:

Paulo said...

I think the first drawing where the person has the right hand under his chin is very enigmatic. Looks like he is in deep thought seams very intelligent, charismatic, smart, extreme talented
and to be honest very bright. It is just what I see through you lines Dan. For some reason I do not have the same filling for the other drawings, I am very sorry. This is the only drawing that for some reason make me wright about it, and it really fulfill my expectations.Dan Gutierrez good job beautifully artwork again the man that has the right hand under his chin. Many kudos for you....